What's the point of holding a lunch service and staying frustrated?

It's time to cut costs!

The catering card that gives you back your smile, without a card

Another lunch service filled with high-techists; another diner who brought the family to dinner and took out the card another one who invested his budget in the customer club. We understand you, but it’s not his fault. PaidIt is a platform that saves your organization 50% -70% of what you’re paying today. Let us take care of you.

A bit of innovation

PaidIt is a digital platform, without yesteryear’s plastic cards. One app for everyone! So, why is it good for you?

  • Shortens lines - More customers, less time. Let the kitchen maximize the work.
  • Increased tips - A client who doesn’t wait is a more satisfied customer. More satisfied customers, more recommendations…
  • A personal and genuine customer club - Indulge your customer club with a bit of data and wait for the change. It comes.

The PaidIt Community

We understand you. Join the PaidIt community Restaurateurs and let’s run far together. We seriously take care for your money payments are fixed and known in advance, without unnecessary waiting and extended credit period.

A gallery of restaurants that chose to work with PaidIt.

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