The platform that will transform your appetite

So, what’s the point of a catering budget that doesn’t really work for you?

Full and digital control of employee budgets

Catering budget management at organization group level, and at the personal level.

Significant savings

Employees won’t waste more time at lunch: they’ll order, pay and eat.

An Innovative & digital experience

No more: “I forgot my card at the office.” One app for everyone.

So, why paying big amounts for customers having lunch?

It’s time to cut costs

PaidIt lets employees in companies, organizations and private customers discover your restaurant. You save 50% -70% of what you’re paying today.

What are credit costs?

We care about your money. You receive payments directly to your bank account within a short time and without unnecessary credit costs.

The kitchen staff are waiting for orders? Waiters are wasting time preparing the bill?

The digital experience allows you to improve your employees efficiency increases table turnover rate, reduce customer waiting times and employees enjoying higher tips.

So, What’s the point of waiting in line or wasting time waiting for the bill?

Without old-fashioned plastic cards

A modern experience using an innovative application like you’re used to.

Without unnecessary waiting time

Waiting for your order is annoying and tedious (not to mention waiting for your bill). Your order will wait for you whenever you want.

Why not pay less?

Exclusive benefits in a variety of businesses and restaurants working with PaidIt. Especially for you!

Every 24 hours

Every 24 hours a new 3
restaurant joins PaidIt

12 minutes

Save 12 minutes waiting to pay the bill.

Endless friends

45% of users come back to PaidIt.
No more lines!

Sit down and order.​

Even when you're out

Get it as TA order, pre-order, or before you come to the restaurant.​

Everyone orders together? Easy!

Just open a group order.

Simply slip the bill with the group.

No more lines! Sit down and order

מתיישבים ומזמינים.​

Even when you're out

הזמנה של T.A או הזמנה מראש או לפני שאתה בכלל מגיע למסעדה.​

Everyone orders together? Easy!

פשוט פותחים הזמנה קבוצתית.​

למה להיות חמוץ כשמגיע התשלום?​

פשוט מחלקים את החשבון באופן שיתופי ופשוט.​

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