So, what's the point of having lunch at your expense?

When employees
become better friends

We have to tell the truth, nothing makes us listen to our colleague more than the food we are eating at the moment. In a utopian world, programmers support customers, instead of listening to metal music on their headphones. Marketing and sales go hand in hand to benefit the customer, and all departments follow in their footsteps. Let your employees choose their lunch together, and you’ll see the wolf walking with the sheep on the way to more effective collaboration.

The employees get a
longer break

Is the break really longer? Lunch has a tendency to stretch out, and it’s usually not the employee’s fault. PaidIt lets the employee get rid of old-fashioned plastic cards, not have to stand in line, and wait for the bill. One app for everyone gives every employee an additional 12-15 minute at lunch, and no doubt you’ll enjoy it too. The calculation is simple, there are usually 22 working days a month …

When employees have
more discounts

Did we already say that restaurants love us? Over 200 restaurants work with PaidIt and give you exclusive benefits. No more using ‘benefits’ as a marketing slogan to gloss over much more expensive prices. If you don’t believe us, check us out 😉

What's the point of having lunch at your own expense?

Numbers talk about an ROI of 150%.

Want to hear more?

The taste just gets better

An innovative platform
for managing catering budgets

A new employee was hired by the company, and once again you’re waiting for HR to order another catering card for him, and again you’re waiting for the card to arrive by post, and you again sent an e-mail to accounting to credit the employee’s invoice… or simply charge the employee’s budget directly to the PaidIt account through our innovative budget management platform.

Why pay more?

You know those always asking for more money on top of the money you’ve already gave? PaidIt costs are minimal and save you thousands and tens of thousands of shekels per year.

Order management and digital tracking, group orders, access to reports in real time … and so much more to tell

Did you know?

When using other catering cards, you place your employee in the line of fire. What does this mean? Worse food quality at lunch, impatient service while using the card, and finally leaving both employee and restaurateur with a bad taste. Give us the power to bring a smile back to everyone’s face! PaidIt loves restaurants, restaurants love you!

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